School Program


Experience an unforgettable day with your class. We offer various and interesting tour topics with different speakers and tour guides throughout of the broad spectrum of professional football. There’s still something to learn for everyone!


Whether it’s just for one day, a weekend or or more for schools, clubs and youth groups, we offer all of it. Do you want to compete against other youth teams to promote international exchange? We cooperate with a wide range of schools, clubs and teams in Western Germany.

You’ll always have transportation, a goodie bag, match day tickets, and if you’re coming over-night accomodation + flights, included. 

We believe in the approach of a global citizenship. That’s why we work closely with the teachers to keep the highest quality of learning and entertainment for their students. We do the organisational work, while you enjoy an unforgetable experience and the unique atmosphere of German football grounds.

You can have an unforgettable match day experience at a wide range of German clubs within our one day tours or experience a special field trip (see below).


What’s always included in these tours?

  • Group Seating for Matchday
  • Transportation

Visit different German clubs in our weekend tour option or have a friendly against a local team. You could enjoy a matchday experience as well as a stadium tour, media conference or training session at some of the most modern or traditional sights in Europe.

Events which could be included in a weekend tour:

  • Stadium Tour
  • Matches against local teams

If you’d like to spend a week in Germany, you could e.g. visit up to eleven different (former) Bundesliga grounds only in North Rhine-Westphalia. We put together everything from training sessions to friendlies, city tours to CL matches.

Options included in a week tour:

  • Flights and accommodation
  • Different matches and training sessions

Click on the images to see a sample tour for the specific topic.

Nutrition is a key factor for performance, but many people don’t exactly know what to do about it. Learn first hand by a nutritionist what elite athletes eat and cook it afterwards together in a stadium canteen.

Bring your sports clothing! Get impulses from athletic coaches and learn to train like the pros.

Q&A with a pro player or you get acces to a media conference. Prepare your questions and follow-up for a publication in e.g. your student magazine.

Experience inclusion firsthand. Get to know the social work of professionial clubs and/or experience actively what it’s like being a handicapped athlete

With great influence comes great responsibility. See how sporting facilities tackle the challenge of saving resources and switch to a green maintenance of e.g. stadia.

Hosting multiple thousands fans every matchday is a huge challenge. In the meantime you have to have events to refinance those large venues. How do managers face these issues?

“Sport has the power to change the world” (N. Mandela).

Take a look how participation in sports helps preventing violence and drug abuse.

Professional athletes are in the spotlight from young ages on and are rolemodels for many kids. Your students are the upcoming elite, thus they have to learn what it means to be a leader and be responsible. Learn from the best, have a chat with the pros!