Pro Club Experience

Would you like to cheer on your Bundesliga stars live at a home game and experience a super day at a professional Bundesliga sight? Then our Ultimate Club Experience Day is just what you wanted.

Right before kick-off on a regular matchday, we offer you insights which normally aren’t available. Not only for the upcoming generation this will be an extraordinary experience

Fussball Experience Club Experience Bundesliga Match Day Camp

Four hours before kick-off, you will arrive in the stadium and see first-hand the areas that are not normally accessible to fans and spectators on match days. You will explore the media centre as well as the tunnel and other inner sanctums of the magnificent stadia, home to Germany’s biggest and best clubs. There are many interesting things about the Bundesliga and the teams that you will discover during your tour.

At the end of your tour, the club mascot will be ready and waiting for you and available for photos and autograph requests. The team bus will have arrived by then, and you’ll be in prime position to watch the players head off into the stadium as they do so. Then there will be enough time for a short pause and a drink with your friends before you head to your own reserved seat in the family-block seating area. There you can experience the special atmosphere before, during and after the match and join in with the tens of thousands of fans singing their club song. A truly special experience.

What’s included?

  • Seating in family block
  • Arena Tour
  • Cold drink
  • Visit of the mascot
  • Gift for all kids
Fussball Experience Fortuna Düsseldorf Camp

With our professional training experience, you will get the inside tips and knowledge from one of Germany’s top youth coaches. These trainers have prepared some of the finest young footballers in Germany’s recent history and will impart their knowledge, tactics and techniques onto you. These sessions are usually reserved for members of elite youth academies. This experience opens up a new world of training regimes to everyone that attends, and this is a truly unique opportunity.

Our service will include full club training gear for the participants to get them fully in the mood for an incredible 90-minute long session. There is also the guarantee of a ticket for you and the others on the trip to watch a Bundesliga fixture in the family block, and a voucher to enjoy a traditional bratwurst and refreshing drink. This is as close as it gets to being a player selected by the head coach for the matchday squad.

What’s included?

  • Seating in family block
  • Professional training session with Bundesliga youth coach
  • Drinks
  • Training gear
  • Gift for all kids


Directly before the kick-off you’ll see the areas where cameras normally aren’t permitted

Germany is well-known as a breeding ground for talent and you have the chance to experience first-hand what talents do every day. An elite youth coach of a professional youth academy will walk you through your session and share the knowledge of developing world class athletes with your group.

We will pick you up at your desired location and will bring you directly next to the stadium. After the match a luxury bus is already waiting to take you back to your location in style and comfort; just like the players you’ll be watching.

Be there when the players arrive! VIP Player welcome for our groups is possible, too. Last chance to do a high five with your idols.

Who’s always there for the fans, no matter what’s happening on the pitch? Right, the club’s mascot. We’ll make sure you have enough time for pictures and autographs with him.

Some memorable press conferences have gained more attention than the match itself. If you’re keen on experiencing what’s happening in the press rooms, we’ve got you covered in the run-up to matchday.