About Us

Being a German company headquartered in Düsseldorf, the heart of German football, with a diverse, international team with a wide network across German football we’ll deliver you a trip of a lifetime. Have a look at our unique approach and the team behind the scenes.

What’s the philosophy behind Fussball Experience?

There is life outside football but there is an amazing amount to be learnt through football and being part of a team and developing individual and team performances.   Whether it is leadership skills, teamwork and communication skills, we at Fussball experience help continue your education around football, bringing you behind the scenes of all the hard work that goes in to creating “world champions” and looking at the roots of the professional game.

At Fussball experience as with great German football clubs we place a great emphasis on working hard to select the trip of a lifetime, so that it can be educational and fun experience for you and your team.

We open doors, which would be closed normally. Make the best out of your time with our exclusive program aspects. There is no other service similar to our approach.

With our diverse backgrounds and comprehensive networks we are able to offer a quality product, that you will not find anywhere else.

What we do is all about the service. You can lean back and enjoy your time, while we are making your dreams come true.

Quality is inherent in every step, which leads us to the ultimate client’s trust. We started with different school trips, thus we care most about your satisfaction and safety. We want to see you again!


Fussball Experience has committed to actively promote international education and intercultural perspective through the following key areas…

  • Diversity

Gaining an understanding of the histories, cultures, beliefs, values and perspectives of a range of individuals and peoples,

  • Global Issues

understanding of current issues of global significance relating to geopolitics, the environment, health, trade, sustainable development and human rights,

  • Ethics

discussion of substantive matters of principle from multiple perspectives,

  • Communication

development of fluency in the language(s) of instruction, in another language, and, with as much support as the school can offer, in student mother tongues,

  • Service

development of their disposition to serve the community, both local and global, through engagement in meaningful and reflective service, and

  • Leadership

acquisition and refinement of the skills of leading and following, collaborating, adapting to the ideas of others, constructive problem-solving, and conflict- resolution through experiencing leadership in authentic contexts.

Born and raised in Germany where he developed his passion for “fussball” playing in various amateur leagues. Adam currently lives in Düsseldorf with close ties to Scotland. He has lived in several parts of the world like Argentina, Canada, UK or the US and experienced football extensively across every continent. Prior to FE Adam worked in various international startups as well as large management consulting firms.



Previously a goalkeeper but had his playing career cut short, Jonny is now a budding journalist. Coming from Northern Ireland and having such an interest in 2. Bundesliga is rare, but Jonny has kept a keen eye on the Zweite Liga after watching das Wunder von Bern and catching the German football bug. He recently graduated from Ulster University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with History.

Having accomplished his PhD in Accounting & Finance and practically worked for different institutions in that field, it was football which made him switch to sport management, economics and sociology. Joachim has studied and worked in Dublin (Ireland) and the greatest games he ever experienced was Arsenal FC vs. 1. FC Köln. He loves financial regulations like the 50+1 rule that’s why he is our advisor for financial topics.

After finishing his B.A. in Sport Management in China, Yifei decided to study abroad to follow his passion of football and experience the most incredible football in the world. He is always keen on finding exciting matchday atmospheres from Beijing workers’ stadium of FC Guoan to RheinEnergieSTADION in Cologne. Now he is ready to provide you this thrilling experience with Fussball Experience.